Unleashed Artists


Bella enjoys drawing in different pens as she finds it therapeutic and she also finds the medium easier to draw finer details. Bella is inspired by nature and tries to incorporate into her work where she can. 

Bella describes her work style as abstract and colourful and is currently working on a piece that depicts an abstract view of bacteria through a microscope.


The mediums Callum most are drawing and painting. Painting gives him a lot of freedom through use of colour and drawinghas many techniques like hatching that Callum finds fun to use. 

Callum has many artistic influences he draws upon like the surealist painters Yves Tangay and Kay Sage. 

Callum’s style is mainly abstract with surrealist elements. 


Eli is a prolific artist with an extremely unique and accomplished style. Dabbling and experimenting in many mediums and styles such as drawing, photography and sculpture, Eli is always pushing the boundaries. 

From incredibly detailed line and pointillism to bombastic and freeform work, Eli’s work is instantly recognizable. 

Elis main subjects are imaginary and bizarre creatures and mystical trees which inhabit strange worlds he creates. For this show, Eli has combined these hand drawn creatures with extreme digital photo manipulation to create extremely contrasted and juxtaposed works which incorporate all of Elis many styles into one. 

Oh yea, he also really likes yams… 


Fionn is inspired by photographs with dramatic lighting. He likes a good photo. Fionn’s chosen art medium are highlighters and vivids. He likes them because they are perfect for rapid production. Fionn work is created in the style of abstract portraiture. He is currently working on building a portfolio.  

Fionn is skilled in traditional life drawing but has recently decided to focus on simplifying his portraits to the essentials using heavy contrast and dynamic lighting. This has resulted in a body of work that captures the mood and atmosphere of a scene and the emotion of the subject rather than attempting to capture every detail.


Isaac mostly prefers to use pencils and ink pens. He likes to use art as a way to channel his ideas onto paper and to express his thoughts and feelings. Isaac is mostly into drawing disfigured humanoid demons and anything that involves gore. Isaac is currently working on getting better at shading and form. He hopes to eventually work in the style of realism.  

Issacs extremely detailed drawings invoke the spirit of old school heavy metal album covers and horror movies such Alien and The Thing. Isaac draws inspiration from many sources including movies and video games and his work is reminiscent of surrealist conceptual art found in the work of H.R Geiger and Zdzislaw Beksinski. 


Isaiah enjoys drawing because you can get in the zone and make up your own kind of style. Isayah is inspired by a variety of different art styles from Leonardo Da Vinci to skateboard and street art. Isayah uses a lot of patterns and mandalas in his work. He is currently working on recreating famous skateboard designs and adding his own flair to them. 

While relatively new to practicing art like painting and drawing, Isaiah has been creating jewellery for a while and has made his hands and arms into artworks of their own as he has adorned them with literally hundreds of rings and bracelets. Isaiah plans to photograph the living canvases of his hands and create prints for the exhibition. 


Jane is an impressionistic painter and art therapist who was born in South Korea. Jane is inspired by New Zealand, especially the South Island. A mixed media artist, Jane is proficient in many painting and drawing styles and creates work featuring bombastic and vibrant animals and scenes. 

Jane is a very skilled and gestural artist and you may find multiple styles and media like pastel, paint and ink within the same piece. She is also very experimental in her work incorporating methods like paint pouring and stencil work within a traditional painting. 


Lilly creates very surreal, stream of consciousness artworks the challenges the viewers perceptions. Lilly prefers painting over drawing as she feels it offers more freedom and variety. Despite this preference, Lilly is working hard at improving her drawing as in compliments painting well. 

Lilly is inspired by many things from nature to the dark and macabre, blending these contrasting elements into works that spark the imagination. 


Olivia is an artist who works in watercolour mostly. She enjoys the vibrancy and luminosity. Olivia loves the challenge that watercolours provide for her. She also thinks they are just beautiful. Olivia is inspired by her Grandad who was an artist. His paintings were what motivated her to give art a try. She is also heavily inspired by nature. 

 Olivia enjoys working in any style she is feeling in the moment. The only style she is not interested in is photo realistic. A lot of her work leans into surrealism and she is currently working on a mandala piece with very bright colours. This is something she has never tried before but is enjoying.  

Olivia’s work always has extreme attention to detail, combining very precise line work with dynamic use of colour which makes for very striking and intricate pieces you could look at for hours. 


Sarah grew up in a small town on a dairy farm surrounded by a lot of nature and mountains. This led to their interest in art of landscapes. They mainly enjoy drawing and sometimes acrylic paint. Their favourite artist is Albert Bierstadt. 

Sarah’s art style varies, their paintings and glass paintings are of anime characters, but their landscape drawings are semi realistic. Sarah is currently working on landscape drawings; they are taking the time to work out what their art style is. 

Sarah is a very careful and methodical artist and had adapted to the challenge of the circle format for this show well. By creating detailed thumbnail sketches of the work, Sarah is able to transpose them into the final work with confidence. 


Stella is inspired by Manhwa (Korean style graphic novels) and movies. Her favourite art mediums are drawing and printmaking. Stella works in the style of cartoon and anime and has a knack for creating work at an extremely fast pace. Stella is a very skilled drawer who can create intricate and precise figures and characters in a matter of minutes. This has enabled her to create many pieces that always inspire awe from other artists during her time with Unleashed. Stella also enjoys collaborating with other artists and has created some beautiful work alongside other Unleashed members. 

 Stellas work for this show was inspired by a character from a recurring dream which she translated into a small series of deeply meaningful, mixed media pieces. 


Teowai enjoys using clay and mostly any medium. She tends to use a lot of paints or vivids/markers. Teowai will often doodle using markers and coloured pencils and end up creating highly imaginative characters and scenes. Drawing without any thoughts makes her art process flow better. 

Teowai is her own inspiration, there has never been anyone she has been inspired by. Teowai’s style is her own. She likes to freehand trace images she is drawn to. She enjoys drawing scary/horror images and original characters. This free flowing and spontaneous style has resulted in many unique artworks that instantly recognisable as a Teowai original. 

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