Our Programmes

Our programmes aim to reach people who need it most. They’re tailored for people with mental distress – groups are small and intimate, and we go the extra mile to make sure people feel safe.  Getting creative alongside people with shared experience is both comforting and empowering.  

Take a look at what we have on offer both in the studios and via Zoom.  And remember with everything we do, it’s about being playful, experimenting, having fun, and taking risks – we’ll be right beside you. 

For people who want to give creativity a go in the company of others: 


A group for Muslim women who want to get creative in a relaxed and culturally diverse setting. There’s lots of art forms on offer, including drawing, painting, printmaking, mosaics, fabric work, embroidery, calligraphy, batik, sculpture and pottery. Guest Muslim artists share their work and lead workshops.  These sessions draw on Islamic art traditions and are a celebration of Muslim culture. 

Rainbow Youth 

Our LGBTQIA+ rangatahi group is a group for young people between 18 and 26 – it’s a kaleidoscope of creativity and self-expression, for like-minded people to connect, celebrate queer culture and create pride together.  There’s creative activities on offer, or you can do your own thing.     

Rā Tutu

Rā Tutu is a space for Māori to connect and create together – there’s lots of whakawhānaungatanga, stories and laughter. We explore Te Ao Māori and Ngā Toi Māori and learn about Māori artists.   You can do your own thing, or join in group projects.  

Te Korimako 

A whānau group run in partnership with Kakakura Health. Creative projects have a focus on exploring Te Ao Māori and learning from Māori artists both at our studios and through visits to local galleries and the Museum. This group is for artists supported by Kakakura Health.  

Let’s Get Creative 

A group for those who want to get creative and try something new but are unsure where to start. This group is led by our art workers, who will take you through a series of activities. There is the opportunity to experiment with a range of art forms including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, fabric work, potter and using materials found in nature.


A group for Rangatahi aged between 18-26 who are keen to explore creativity. There is a focus on group projects and activities, with the option of doing your own thing. Activities are wide ranging, with the opportunity to experiment with different media including but not limited to painting, printmaking, digital-art and pottery. 

Writers Group  

The Writer’s group comes together weekly to chat, write and share ideas. It’s a place to expand your writing through writing prompts or working on your own projects. Writers have the option to receive feedback from our facilitator. The sessions are offered in the studio and via zoom.  

Let’s Talk About Art 

In studios, via zoom and at galleries. Each week we focus on an artwork or an artist and chat about it. It’s an open conversation where we share our observations and how the art makes us feel before doing a deeper dive and learning more through videos, websites and guest speakers. 

For people at home: 

Creativity coaching and suitcase studios 

For those who want to be creative while at home, we offer suitcase studios. Each studio is stocked with art materials and resources that remains with the artist until they are ready to pass it on. As part of our creative support, artists have access to creative coaching through phone calls, zooms and have access to our online interactive platforms. 

For people with more experience: 

Independent Studio Sessions

These sessions are in the studios or via zooms. They are catered for artists who want to work independently whilst in the company of others. Sessions can vary from focused to social, with plenty of space allowing artists to choose. Art materials and resources are supplied at the studios.  

Printmaking Club  

This group is centred on all things printmaking. It is for people who already have experience printmaking and are eager to develop their practice in the company of other enthusiasts. 

Artists’ professional development 

We provide mentoring and workshops to build artists’ professional practice. This includes support for exhibitions, funding proposals, training and arts practice development opportunities.  

Are you keen to know more?  

If you have experience of mental distress, you’re eager to get creative and like the look of what we offer please get in touch here. We’ll get back to you to talk about what’s available and the best fit for your needs.

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