Our Impact

Creativity changes lives  


We see ourselves differently 

Creativity can restore mana. It can help to shift thinking so we can hold our heads up high and begin to see ourselves as creative beings  

“Art is like armour. It gives me a way to be in the world. When I’m creating I forget that I have a mental illness.” 


We’re healthier and happier 

Creativity anchors us with its therapeutic power. It brings us into the moment and is a tool we can use to work through trauma.  

“I’ve been to lots of counselling but making things with my hands can be more helpful.”


Our voices are heard 

Artist leadership steers the direction; ideas are expressed, listened to and valued.   

I’ve got the confidence now to have my say – my ideas are listened to, and what I think matters.


We’re part of something bigger  

There is space for all to belong and connect. We see ourselves as a family, who come together over a love of creativity, a shared experience of mental distress and recognition that we are all bring something different to the table.  

“Art keeps me well. Since coming here I try and do art everyday – It’s given me a life-line and friends.”


A world of possibilities 

Being on a creative pathway opens up a whole new world: showing and selling artwork, learning new skills, and going on to study or work.  

“I cannot express how life changing ŌCS has been for my family. They provide a safe, calming space for people to believe in themselves and to look forward to their future.”

Family member

So, where’s the evidence?  

There’s loads of evidence on the therapeutic power of creativity. In fact, we have our very own research – check it out here. What you’ll find is that a new positive identity as an artist can be a real catalyst for change.  

To see the international evidence, you may want to pull up a cuppa and get comfy. Dive on in!

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