Steph Grose

Steph Grose works primarily with acrylic paint, ink pen and watercolour. Steph also enjoys using diverse materials and processes that include embroidery, pencil drawing and printmaking, particularly drypoint and screenprinting.   

Through her art, Steph is beginning to explore themes around mental illness, physical illness and disability. She is interested in how art can heal, empower and be a form of activism.   

Steph uses a diverse range of styles, including abstraction and symbolism. Her ideas also include subjects that relate to nature, the use of human and non-human forms, as well as explorations into colour.   

The work and life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is a strong source of inspiration. Other influences include feminist and surrealist artists such as New Zealand artist Seraphine Pick and American artist Georgia O’Keefe.  

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