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Calum Hay

Combining technical skill with symbolic and art historical references, Calum’s artwork is multi-layered and complex. His recent body of work has focused on the digital print – a medium through which Calum has found a personal and distinctive vision of artistic expression.  

Calum’s work has been shaped by important art historical movements, artists and architects, including Cubism, post-impressionism, Paul Kee, art deco, Frank Lloyd Wright and the grid-based paintings of Piet Mondrian.

Mathematical proportions, plans and diagrams are also referenced in his work and, in Calum’s own words, some work is “rendered as points of light”.

The importance of art history in Calum’s work is echoed in his themes and ideas – from the circle paintings of Victor Vasarely to Le Corbusier's “Modulor System” and its adherence to the Golden Mean, which Calum views as being the armature on which t hese works are designed.

Music plays a huge role in Calum’s artistic process. U2, Brian Eno, David Bowie and Laurie Anderson often provide the soundtrack, inspiration and title references in his work. 

In addition to his digital work, Calum has previously worked with printmaking and painting, including a series of figurative woodcut prints.


Calum Hay

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