Caitlin Stikkelman

For Caitlin, art is integral to her identity:

“Art is not just a part of me, it is who I am as a person.” 


Primarily a printmaker, Caitlin loves the idea of exploration. She takes traditional methods and tries something new with it, creating the ultimate experience of being guided by the process.  

Recently, Caitlin’s practice has been exploring broken records. Although, initially driven by form and process, Caitlin’s experimentation has resulted in a body of work that is deeply symbolic; the records are broken, yet still stand as one. It speaks to the challenges that life throws as well as the strength we find to face them.  

“There is a rush of excitement when you see the fine details on what was once a blank piece of paper.  Sometimes it is disappointment too, when it doesn’t look the way I had imagined. These ups and downs in the process help me learn that whilst something may not go the way I thought, there is something new to discover” 


Designed By Ana Craw Creative