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  • Stone Painting

    Stone Painting

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  • Magazine Mosaics

    Magazine Mosaics

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  • How to Stipple

    How to Stipple

    What is stippling? Stippling art is the process of using a number of small dots to create a desired image or pattern. In the stippling technique, the dots are applied using pen and ink, and they are typically made up of a single colour. Black and white is the most common pigment choice. The artist…

  • Blind Contour Drawing

    Blind Contour Drawing

    A blind contour drawing is a line drawing that is created without the use of constantly looking at the paper.  Instead, one concentrates intensely on the item that he/she is drawing and tries to draw the many shifts of lines and tangents of lines seen.  These types of drawings enhance one’s eye-hand coordination and create a better awareness of changes of form and…