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Toni Jones

Toni works in collage, using bright colours, floral prints and triangle shapes with the triangles as a border. Toni uses letters and numerals cut from magazines: her husband calls them “ransom notes”.       

One series of work involved creating faces and people from magazine chop-ups: someone's mouth, someone else's eyes and so on. Toni feels this work channelled Hannah Hoch, who pioneered photomontage – collage using photos.   

Toni loves the work of Joseph Cornell and plans to try boxes with display and collage some time but she feels there’s no rush. Art made from books also inspires her, as does the work of Fiona Hall, who made birds’ nests out of shredded bank notes.  

Toni also enjoys printmaking and thinks she will return to that one day.   

Toni finds being in the studio relaxing: “The thing I love most about it is that there's no pressure, no rush. It’s a calm, healthy way of doing what we love and learning.” 




Toni Jones

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