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Rebecca McNab

Rebecca has worked with a wide range of media, including pastel, printmaking and painting.

In the past year, she has focused mainly on using pen and ink, and through this medium feels she has found her artistic voice. Working in pen and ink has enabled Rebecca to focus on her drawing skill and her natural use of line, including cross hatching to create movement and bold contrasts of light and dark. Sometimes Rebecca has used watercolour and gold leaf over the top of the pen and ink to highlight areas, with stunning effect.

Subjects in Rebecca’s work range from figures, faces, and hands to New Zealand native birds and animals. For a recent exhibition the theme was mythology, a strong influence in her work. In this exhibition “Modern Mythos” Rebecca’s work introduced some lesser known myths and considered their underlying messages. With a long-standing interest in classical symbolism and myth, Rebecca pondered such questions as “Could Medusa’s ability to turn men to stone be a way of protecting herself from violence rather than the actions of a villain?”

Rebecca’s other influences come from popular culture and “fan art” – art influenced from favourite television programmes, such as Vikings.  

Rebecca is very savvy in the digital world, and her digital art practice sits alongside her drawing and painting.



Rebecca McNab

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