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Natasha Sadlier

Natasha Sadlier, Tuhoe, has developed a distinct voice in her colourful paintings. Working mostly in acrylic on canvas, Natasha’s work is a way of expressing her identity and her work is strongly influenced by Te Ao Māori the Māori world.    Her style is inspired by the colours and techniques used by many Aboriginal artists. The use of the colour gold is a common thread through her work, representing laughter, joy and faith.   

“I see it this way. Most of my work represents hearing voices – the sound of the voice. It gives me wairua to shine and to communicate.”   

Natasha finds painting relaxing – she enjoys being absorbed in the creative process and finds it brings her an alertness to the world around her.  The process of creating has been transformative for Natasha: “I used to put my heart in a little corner and put spikes around it so I wouldn’t be able to take a leap of faith. But since I’ve been here I’ve taken the leap of faith of getting to know myself.” 


Natasha Sadlier

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